Story Hub Eval Intern w/ Chicago Children’s Museum

Title:    Story Hub Evaluation Intern

Department:             Education

Supervisors:              Tsivia Cohen, Associate VP of Family Learning

Possible Majors:       Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Education

Requirements: Strong interest in developing an interactive computer-assisted component for families with young children through an iterative formative evaluation process. Strong analytical skills, an understanding of data collections processes, the ability to interact well with both children and adults.  Some previous experience performing observations and interviews is ideal.  A desire to gain experience collecting and analyzing data in a real-world, informal learning environment is required.  This person will need to be comfortable working as part of a team as while carrying out tasks independently.

Description of Tasks:

Intern will be responsible assisting with early alpha development of a new computer component, tentatively titled Story Hub, which will allow visiting families to create a video-taped conversation about their experiences in the museum.   A formative evaluation process will be used to enable the museum to better understand the parameters of this component, including the design elements that will best support families’ successful participation. To that end, this intern will be working with a team to create and test a number of early versions of the experience.  Tasks and duties include the following:

  • Meet with the Story Hub team to develop strategies for answering a number of questions about what visuals, questions, graphics, sequences etc) will be most legible and engaging for the museum’s diverse audience of families
  • Assist with development of mock-ups (including simple Powerpoints) that can be used to gauge  visitors’ understanding, interest, and engagement
  • Contribute to the creation and vetting of data-collection instruments and participate in reliability studies
  • Observe and interview visitors during a series of scheduled prototyping sessions
  • Contribute to the analysis of data from these observations and instruments, including implications for the final component and additional questions to be answered.
  • Report results, conclusions and recommendations to museum stakeholders.

Hours:                        Minimum 200 hours, 15-20 hours per week – 3 month commitment

Site: Chicago Children’s Museum, Navy Pier

Contact:         Sarah Gritsonis, Manager of Volunteer & Intern Resources

                        Phone (312) 464-7652 · Fax (312) 527-9082

Internships are unpaid            

Chicago Children’s Museum’s Internship Program provides interns the opportunity to develop important work skills and gain practical experience while working on significant projects to further the Museum’s mission.